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Welcome to Wayfarer

Wayfarer is a consortium of 17 different registered housing providers, with Radian Group as the lead provider within the group. The providers have joined forces to increase the supply of affordable housing and deliver sustainable communities across the South of England.

Founded in 2003, the collaboration of Wayfarer members enables the group to be greater than the sum of its parts.

While each member retains its individual identity and concentrates on its own area of expertise, we work together and call on each other’s skills, expertise and resources to improve our delivery of new affordable homes.

In so doing, our presence and visibility within the sector is significantly increased, as is our ability to deliver high quality housing in large quantities.

To date, Wayfarer members own or manage more than 102,000 homes throughout the South. Since its formation the group has attracted funding for 9,156 affordable homes with grants in excess of £276 million.

Our goal is to maintain our track record of successful delivery and to be a beacon of good practice in achieving high quality design, sustainable construction and excellent service delivery.

Our members are already exemplars in resident involvement, sustainability, community partnerships and joint venture collaboration.