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Home | News | Wayfarer partners celebrate building over 12,000 homes

Home | News | Southern consortium celebrates building over 12,000 affordable homes

Wayfarer Partners celebrate the 20th anniversary of the consortium, marking an achievement which has seen 12,279 new affordable homes built throughout the south of England.

The Wayfarer Partnership is a consortium of 18 housing providers, local authorities and charitable partners which was established in 2003 to focus on building homes for rent, low cost homeownership and specialist housing.

Abri, as lead partner of Wayfarer, helps partners bid for grant funding support from Homes England. Over the last 20 years the consortium has received over £344m in grant funding to help build new homes.

Harriet Powell, Senior Manager at Homes England said:

“We’re pleased to support the delivery of more affordable housing which helps to create thriving and sustainable communities. As the government’s housing and regeneration agency, we want to build good quality homes in the right places with the most need. Members of the Wayfarer Consortium understand the housing support that’s needed for their local communities and it’s great to see this investment resulting in much-needed new homes for local people.”

Wayfarer members vary in size and housing type and currently includes eight members that provide homes for residents with specialist or support needs, offering homes that are purposely designed to enable residents to live independently.

The partnership represents the ownership of over 120,000 homes across the south of England and currently has another 400 homes under construction.

Natasha Wilson, Head of Wayfarer, commented:

“The successful partnership of Wayfarer members means collectively we have consistently delivered thousands of high quality, affordable homes to enhance the communities we work with. The progress made over the last 20 years is undeniable and it’s thanks to our partners and the support of Homes England that we’ve been able to help so many customers.

“Homes are nothing without strong and sustainable communities and it’s fantastic to see that this belief is shared by all our partners. I’m looking forward to seeing how the consortium can build on this progress and what we can achieve over the next 20 years.”

Trevor Pickup, Chief Executive of Society of St James added about their membership of the consortium:

“As a smaller housing association with a specialism on homelessness, we have had several successful years of developing more housing through the Wayfarer partnership. Our aim is to reduce rough sleeping by creating more homes for people. If people can move out of our hostels into longer term accommodation, the individuals benefit hugely and the vacancies created in the hostels can then be taken by other rough sleepers.  We aim to continue to develop move-on housing in Portsmouth, Southampton and across Hampshire to meet the needs of our local communities.”

Tim Davis, Service Manager Housing Strategy and Development, New Forest District Council commented:

“We’re really grateful for the commitment from the Wayfarer Partnership. Their support in helping us to access Homes England grant funding continues to be an essential part of the District Council’s development strategy, enabling us to deliver more high quality affordable homes and to create a thriving and sustainable future for customers.”

During its 20-year history Wayfarer has delivered award winning housing developments including Castlemaine Court in Woking, built by Southern Housing, which was named as the Best Designed Development in the UK. In Gosport, Abri’s Daedalus Village development was awarded silver for Best Starter Home Scheme and in Bracknell, Silva Homes has built Clement House, a development of high quality, modern apartments for older people which was the first of its type in Bracknell.

Home | News | Winchester City Council makes successful grant bids thanks to Wayfarer Partnership

Winchester City Council has been part of the Wayfarer partnership for five years and in that time its involvement has led directly to the authority securing £8.5 million in funding that has so far helped to support the development of more than 150 new homes.

Fully aware that Winchester is an expensive city to live in, the authority understands that housing affordability is an issue that needs addressing – especially for young people and families. It also has a particular focus on developing attractive, suitable homes for older people – with an overall ambition to build 1,000 new homes.

Securing Homes England funding has been a particularly important part of this drive, with £6 million of the funding Winchester has been awarded through the Wayfarer Partnership coming from this source.

Working as a member of the Wayfarer Partnership, Winchester City Council is able to access critical strategic advice and practical guidance that helps it to optimise the – consequently successful – bids it makes for grant funding.

Andrew Palmer, Head of New Homes Delivery at Winchester City Council, explains the vital role that being part of the Wayfarer Partnership has played in the authority being able to access funding for its ambitious affordable homes development plans:

“Being part of the Wayfarer Partnership allows us to bid for grant funding at the best rates per property and access vital information on different Homes England initiatives. Wayfarer knows how to position bids for grants so that they have the best possible chances of securing funding. Without Wayfarer’s help I cannot imagine how the Council would be able to bid effectively for Homes England grant funding.”

One example of where this funding has been directly responsible for allowing the authority to develop new affordable homes is at The Valley, where it has recently completed 77 new homes, a mixture of flats, houses and one bungalow – offered both for affordable / social rents and on a shared ownership basis.

The development has been designed to be low carbon and is as energy efficient as possible, with high levels of insulation and solar panels on all blocks, and electric vehicle charging points throughout the site.

Looking to the future, Winchester City Council has just started on site at Winnall Flats, with completion planned for 2023. This new development will be accredited to the PassivHaus low energy building standard and will provide a total of 73 new flats in two blocks and three new houses. Once again, Winchester City Council has been able to secure Homes England funding with the help of the Wayfarer Partnership.



Home | News | Local Chichester councillor celebrates new affordable homes for older adults

Chichester Greyfriars Housing Association (CGHA) has completed eight new one-bedroom homes at Royal Close Chichester, an affordable housing scheme for older adults.

On Wednesday 20 October, David Parfitt, Chair of CGHA visited the scheme to celebrate the homes being completed. He said:

“I am delighted with the quality and design of these eight new homes. Many of the HAPPI (Housing for an Ageing Population) principles have been adopted particularly around the space and flexibility of the new homes but also the outdoor space with new plants, trees and a water feature, with seating provided so that all tenants will be able to enjoy it.”

Located close to the centre of Chichester, the homes benefit from great transport links and access to nearby shops and facilities. They bring new neighbours to the Close, where there are 71 existing homes.

Residents have played a key part in the development of the new homes too, for example sharing their views on landscaping which have been incorporated into the build. The homes have already been fully let and the new residents have benefitted by moving from their current home to a new one ensuring that they maintain their independence and quality of life.

Janet Cunningham moved into one of the new flats and said: I moved into my new home in July. I am absolutely delighted with it and hope it will be my “forever home”. It’s well designed with a wonderful modern kitchen and bathroom and excellent space standards. I really couldn’t be happier.

The flats also boast green elements, making them more sustainable and better for the environment. This includes solar panels and enhanced energy efficiency. Steve Taylor, Head of Land and Planning at Abri, the lead member of Wayfarer said:

“The efficiency of these new homes will help customers save money on their heating and bills. Additionally, the green features will encourage residents to learn more about how we can all protect our planet while, most importantly, future-proofing the properties for years to come.”

CGHA has been providing affordable housing for people aged 60 and over in Chichester for more than 50 years, developing homes specifically for those with a local connection.

This Royal Close development was funded with a Homes England grant and funding from Chichester District Council. Alan Sutton, Cabinet Member for Housing, Communications, Licensing and Events at the Council had this to say:

“We were delighted to be able to support this scheme for older people with a grant last year, and it’s really positive news to see that the flats are finished and ready to be called home. Affordable housing makes a huge difference to people’s lives and enables people to stay within their local communities, close to family, friends and local facilities.

“As part of our council’s Housing Strategy we are committed to supporting the development of 1,000 affordable homes for local people by 2025 and it’s great to see a small, local housing association working to meet the needs of the local community.”

CGHA is a member of the housing consortium Wayfarer, and as a member benefits from access to funding programmes to provide homes for the City’s community.

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Home | News | Specialist housing providers join Wayfarer partnership

Wayfarer, a housing consortium led by Abri, has welcomed two new members to become a 17-strong partnership for its 2021-2026 programme.

Bournemouth YMCA and Taunton Heritage Trust have become the latest partners of Wayfarer, alongside existing members including registered providers and local authorities. Both new members provide specialist housing to their local communities.

On joining Wayfarer, Kathie Pearce, Head of Housing and Support at Bournemouth YMCA, said:

“We have 114 units of supported housing and ambitious plans for growth. Small providers play a unique and vital role in the areas they work in, to help tackle the UK housing crisis. 

“Joining Wayfarer gives us the opportunity to tap into the expertise, knowledge and experience of others, and the ability to bid for Homes England grant funding; things we would not be able to do on our own. We are delighted to be part of Wayfarer.”

In 2020/21 Wayfarer members completed 451 new affordable homes as part of Homes England programmes. In the next financial year they are set to complete around 850 new homes, including homes for rent and home ownership as well as specialist housing such as the Next Steps Accommodation programme and Move On Fund.

Karen White, Chief Officer of Taunton Heritage Trust, said:

“Joining the consortium is enabling our almshouse charity to benefit more local people in need of accommodation. Our charity has provided almshouses since the early 1600s and we are delighted to have the opportunity to add a further 12 units to our existing stock of 66 self-contained flats.

“The Trust last increased its estate back in the 1980s and this is an ambitious project for us. We consider ourselves fortunate to have joined Wayfarer and benefit from their experience to help deliver this exciting project.”

Wayfarer, managed by Abri, offers essential support to smaller registered housing providers, enabling them to provide new affordable homes in communities across southern England. With an ethos of better homes, better value, better communities, better lives, they support members to work with Homes England to secure funding and collaboratively increase affordable housing.

Natasha Wilson, Head of Wayfarer, said:

“We are pleased to welcome two new members to Wayfarer for Homes England’s new funding programme. We look forward to working with them to support their ambitions to deliver new affordable homes.”

Home | News | The south of England benefits from more than 600 new homes

As the financial year draws to a close Wayfarer celebrates another successful year of partnership working and we are delighted to be lead partner of this consortium. Since April 2019 the consortium have completed 616 new homes, with 895 forecast to be completed before the end of March 2020.

Seventeen partners, including Abri (formerly Radian Group), have benefited from more than £11m investment from Homes England. This investment has had a number of positive benefits, both for the delivery of homes and for the communities Wayfarer serve.

Abri’s Natasha Wilson, Head of Wayfarer, said:

“Successful partnership working is key to our success as a housing provider in the south of England. We work together with support services, local authorities and housing developers to deliver homes that are high-quality, affordable and accessible.

“The 2019/20 financial year has been a great success for Wayfarer, strengthened by essential investment from Homes England. We now look ahead to the next year, and the ways in which we will continue to deliver on our strategic objectives.”

Funding from Homes England has also enabled the consortium to deliver affordable homes in areas of depravation and need; this has included the completion of 37 homes to combat homelessness by Society of St James & Two Saints & 35 Shared Ownership properties for older adults by Platinum Skies Living; and the start of works on 77 new homes by Winchester City Council.

“The delivery of affordable homes remains an important priority for us, so we are pleased to support the Wayfarer Consortium by providing this financial investment which has resulted in much-needed new, affordable homes for local people.” – Lisa Clayton, Senior Housing Delivery Manager at Homes England.

Home | News | Wayfarer: a year in review

It’s almost the end of the 2019/20 financial year and we’ve had a fantastic 10 months. Since 1 April 2019, the Wayfarer partnership has seen 616 new homes completed, with a total of 895 expected to complete before the 31 March 2020.

Our consortium of 17 partners has benefited from £11,527,856 of grant funding from Homes England since the beginning of the financial year. As a result of this funding:

Stephen Lodge, Executive Director of Development and Strategic Asset Management at Abri commented:

“The successful collaboration of Wayfarer members not only means we are consistently delivering high quality affordable homes as well as opportunities for home ownership, we’re also able to improve and enhance the communities we work in. ForAbri, as Lead Partner of Wayfarer, this is so important. Homes are nothing without strong and sustainable communities and it’s fantastic to see that this belief is shared with the 17 other partners involved. I’m looking forward to seeing what the consortium will achieve in the future.”


A model that works

Wayfarer allows each member to retain its individual identity, concentrating on their own area of expertise while working together to deliver affordable homes to those in housing need. This means members can draw on, and maximise each other’s skills, expertise and resources to improve the delivery of new affordable homes.

Our successful collaboration sees partnerships form between public and private funders, developers, land owners and other bodies. In addition, significant Homes England grant funding now and in the past, enables the group to deliver high quality, affordable and sustainable homes across the south.

Since our formation in 2003, the group has attracted funding for over 11,687 affordable homes with grants in excess of £311 million. We’ve had a brilliant year to date, and plan to build on this success going forward.

We’ve also seen the launch of our new website which you can find here.


Delivering benefits to communities

These projects will not only see the provision of much needed affordable housing, they’re also delivering significant benefits to communities.

Fareham Borough Council’s 18 home development of properties for social rent benefited from nearly £1.3m of grant funding from Homes England. The council’s tender approach for the appointment of contractors is open and encouraging to local SME’s. As such, FE Building & Sons, a Fareham based company, were appointed and began construction in August 2019.

This is a fantastic result for the community who are not only receiving much needed social homes – the first new homes to be built in Fareham for over two years but are also seeing investment in the local economy as well.

Abri recently announced the acquisition of a 0.9 hectare site in Downhouse Road, Catherington. This site will see 29, affordable and shared ownership semi-detached and terraced houses built, as well as an open play area for families. The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) says villages in England are facing a hidden crisis, with the lack of affordable homes having a devastating impact on the social fabric of rural life.

Developments such as those at Downhouse Road are responding to this need with the development ensuring housing is accessible to local people, particularly the younger generations and those on lower incomes.